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Passive Fire Protection Surveys And Design

The origins of LB Fire Protection can be traced back to 2015 when Lee Brocklehurst, a chartered civil engineer, began working on a freelance basis to provide specialist advice to clients for  the assessment and design of passive fire protection of buildings and structures.  In 2022 Lee gained an MSc in Fire Safety Engineering which was inspired by his work in industry.


Lee has detailed knowledge of the behaviour of building materials when subject to fire and of the solutions required to provide fire resistance.  


LB Fire Protection develops robust solutions that follow British Standards such as BS 9999 and also comply with the statutory requirements of The Fire Safety (Regulatory Reform) Order and The Building Regulations.


We work with designers, developers and end-users to deliver passive fire safety solutions for your building. Past and current clients include Urenco UK Limited, Amec Foster Wheeler Limited and The Keegans Group.

LB Fire Protection is a family run fire safety consultancy, based in North-West England, covering all of England and Wales.
We specialise in providing fire safety inspections, surveys, assessments and specifications for passive fire safety for buildings and structures. 

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LB Fire Protection has specialist experience in the assessment and design of passive fire protection of offices and industrial buildings. We also provide the same service for housing, HMOs, car parks, offices and retail premises.

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What is fire safety? 

The safety of a building and its surroundings in relation to life, property, business continuity and the environment.


Fire safety engineering is the application of engineering principles and solutions for the achievement of fire safety.

Passive fire protection


The components or systems of a building or structure that restrict the growth and spread of fire, allowing the occupants to escape and also enabling firefighters and rescue teams to carry out their job.


Protection is provided either by the materials and components from which the building is constructed, or it can be added to the building to enhance its fire resistance.

Passive fire protection systems


Examples include:

Fire doors

Fire-resisting glazing

Wall assemblies

Fire-resisting coatings
Fire protection board

Our services cover


Inspection and surveys of the passive fire protection and compartmentation within existing buildings and premises. We also provide fire risk assessments.

Find out more about our surveys and assessments

Design and specification of passive fire protection for proposed new buildings and for modifications and refurbishments of existing buildings and premises.
Find out more about our fire safety design service

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